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Happy Birthday to the King part 2

Brush pen & marker on blue-lined Kirby pencils.

Happy Jack Kirby Day!

The King would have turned 94 today.  Raymond reads some FF, Karen snapped the pic.

Happy Jim Aparo Day!

The late, great Jim Aparo would have been 79 today.  Here's a page from The Brave and the Bold #116 that he drew, inked and lettered.  Beautifully, I might add.


We're slowing down!  But here's the Invincible Iron Man- Raymond's features a bad guy getting cooked by a  ricocheting repulsor beam!

Friendly Neighborhood Challenge!

Is he strong?  Listen, bud: he's got radioactive blood

...look out, here comes the Spider-Man!

Thor challenge!

School starts Thursday, looks like until then there might be more than one of these a day.  For Asgard!

Wakanda Baseball challenge!

The Thing was pitching a no-hitter that day- until Wyatt Wingfoot stepped up to the plate.  That's him at bat in Raymond's, and in mine, an unlucky T'Challa prepares to strike out.

It's Clobberin' Time!

Father/son sketch challenge: The Thing!

Aunt Petunia's favorite blue-eyed nephew!  That's Doc Doom and a henchman as the clobberees in Raymond's.  Like evil volleyballs.
And speaking of Benjamin J. Grimm, this needed adding.  Joe Sinnott, FF Inker Supreme, did this for me when I was 12.

More sketch challenge with the kid

Silver Surfers!  All topics chosen by Raymond, age 8.  As with the last 2, © Marvel.  Silver Surfer totally created by Jack Kirby.

Go, Norrin Radd, go!

Father/Son Sketch Challenge 2

This will hopefully make us both better at this.  Speed pin-ups aren't what I do well, so be nice.

Today's topic: Johnny Storm.  © Marvel

Black Bolt

A quick sketch of Raymond's favorite new discovery, found while reading some old Kirby FFs:

And, by Raymond:

Black Bolt, created by Jack Kirby w/ Stan Lee, © Marvel

Vigilante Pin-up

Sticking with the Vig theme, here's something I did a few years ago that's holding up pretty well, I think:

Mail from Joe Kubert!

This Spring my 8 year-old son Raymond wrote Joe Kubert some fan mail, asking what it was like to work with Mort Meskin.  Turns out the mail never reached him, and this came in the mail today in reply to a postcard I sent as a follow-up.  If this isn't the way to start a funnybook blog, I'm not sure what is:

Yep, that's a spanking new Kubert Vigilante drawing!  We're both writing thank-you letters, and this drawing's in the top corner of mine:

I'll post Raymond's once it's done.  Because the internet can NEVER have enough drawings of Vig.

Here we go: