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Vigilante by Mort Meskin, Action #79

From December 1944, it's P.T. and the Chinatown Kid vs. the Fiddler and his trained Birds!

 Vig is © DC

Dr. Phineas H. Vandersteen

I'm a little rusty with the watercolor, but want to not be.  Here's Professor V at home.

Team Cul de Sac!

Raymond and I are both contributors to this super-swell book (put together by the mighty Chris Sparks), info about which can be found here.  Please go, read, and BUY THE BOOK!
Here's pics of Raymond reading the book  AND one of the page we share, which is an awesome father/son thing, I think.

Wasteland #39

Out August 8th: a funnybook drawn by me, with a cover by Christopher Mitten.  There's some not safe for kids language, so don't pick it up for junior.  If you have a comic shop in the neighborhood, tell 'em you'd like a copy before 6/27.  Here's a link to buy online at TFAW.