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Johnny Quick, More Fun Comics 94: Tubby Takes a Flyer!


Vigilante, Action Comics #63: Dummy, Dummy & Dummy, Inc.



So this is my get well card to the amazing Mr. Cardy.  I started digging through boxes and scanning, and had to cut myself off lest I scan all night.  And there's a box of DC horror titles here somewhere that I can't find!  I will, though, and there will be more scanning.  Because there is more awesome.
Meanwhile, here's 18 of my favorites, all at decent resolution.  Feast your eyes- and know that in the early to mid 70s Cardy was doing the covers EVERY MONTH  on Action, Superman, World's Finest, Unexpected, Ghosts, Witching Hour, The Flash, Jimmy Olsen, Superboy, Superman Family, Secret Origins, Strange Sports, Wanted and Teen Titans, which he also handled the interiors on (sometimes just inking to keep the look consistent).
I've been looking at these covers for decades, and they haven't lost an ounce of their persuasive power.  I'd buy 'em again in a heartbeat- these images were made to sell comics and they do it in spades.  And the Black Canary on t…