Johnny Quick: The Shipwrecked Romance! Adventure Comics 106

More Mort Meskin goodness, from July 1946.

Wonder Woman: The Golden Age, Volume 3

SO when I emailed Mark Chiarello and suggested I be assigned some GA collection covers, I didn't really think it'd happen- I was just certain it *wouldn't* if I didn't say something. And look, here's Wonder Woman on a saber-tooth tiger! Always speak up if you want to do something, that's what I say.
There were other sketches, but the tiger (from WW #9, fyi) was the obvious choice. Here's the lot, plus final inks at the bottom. I'm mostly all-digital these days, but the final was done on 13 x 19" Strathmore 500, with as much brush and actual metal nib as possible, because H.G. Peter had no Microns. Photoshop colors, though :)

Huge thanks to Mark, Alex Galer, and anyone else that signed off on this. I've never had more fun drawing anything, ever.

Vigilante: The Man of 1,000 Brands!

Artwork by Jerry Robinson and Mort Meskin. Action Comics 121,  May 1948.

Catwoman/Tweety and Sylvester

My variant cover for Catwoman/Tweety and Sylvester, out 8/29. It's equal parts Birds Anonymous and Darwyn Cooke love. It's my first DC coloring job, too! Click through for full image.

My Last Bombshells

With issue 16 (out last month), my work on Bombshells United is done. Go get you one, it has some of my favorite drawings ever in it, including the spread included here. I'm  super-proud of my work on the title, so glad to have been a part of the magic that is Bombshells. Thanks to my awesome teammates Marguerite Bennett, Kelly Fitzpatrick, Wes Abbott, Kristy Quinn, Jessica Chen and Jim Chadwick. I miss you guys already!

New portfolio

It’s over here, have a look!