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Vigilante by Mort Meskin, Action #79

From December 1944, it's P.T. and the Chinatown Kid vs. the Fiddler and his trained Birds!  Vig is © DC

Dr. Phineas H. Vandersteen

I'm a little rusty with the watercolor, but want to not be.  Here's Professor V at home.

Team Cul de Sac!

Raymond and I are both contributors to this super-swell book (put together by the mighty Chris Sparks), info about which can be found here .  Please go, read, and BUY THE BOOK! Here's pics of Raymond reading the book  AND one of the page we share, which is an awesome father/son thing, I think.

Wasteland #39

Out August 8th: a funnybook drawn by me, with a cover by Christopher Mitten.  There's some not safe for kids language, so don't pick it up for junior.  If you have a comic shop in the neighborhood, tell 'em you'd like a copy before 6/27.  Here's a link to buy online at  TFAW .