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Father/Son Sketch Challenge: Tintin!

We finally saw The Adventures of Tintin last week and just got around to the sketching this morning:  

Mort Meskin's Johnny Quick, More Fun Comics #102

From Mar/Apr 1945, "The Bird and Bee Bandits!"  Pencils and inks by Meskin on this one. JQ © DC

Vigilante by Mort Meskin, Action Comics #53

From October 1942, "The Blackout Blues".  Inks by George "Inky" Roussos. Vigilante © DC

Jimmy Thompson's Robotman, Star Spangled Comics #75, December 1947

Boy Meets Robotdog! © DC If you've enjoyed this one, head over to Comic Book Attic , where you can pick up some sweet digital Robotman collections, cheap! 

Captain Marvel: Condemned to Die!

From Marvel Family #15, September 1947 The funnybook has a wicked spine roll, sorry about those panels falling into the gutter!

Jerry Robinson: The Adventures of Alfred

From Batman #34, Apr/May 1946.  Pencils and inks by Robinson, Lettered by Inky Roussos. ©DC