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This is a job for Superman!

Fresh commission, done for Ethan Breedlove over at Ancillary Characters .  It's sort of a re-creation of JH Williams III's Superman 636 cover, by way of Joe Shuster.

Slurpeeeee! live in studio @ WKNC FM, late 1988/early 1989

So, not funnybook at all, but back in the day this is what me and my bros David Poole, Jac Cain, and Chuck Ross did.  This was recently digitized by our old sound guy, and it's got somebody else's tune as an intermission- I need to do some editing!  But in the meantime, you can edit it yourself after you right-click and download it here: Update, 4/27/13 More unearthed Slurpeeeee!, this time from June '89 at The Brewery in Raleigh NC: