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Hey, kids! Original Comics pages!

If you're here looking to buy original Bombshells or Black Canary pages, my earlier ones are available at the "shop" tab, as are the remaining Lord Death Man '66 ones. Pages from Canary issues 10-12 and Bombshells chapters 45, 51, 53 and 57 (print issues 15, 17 and 19) are available, please ask! I'll update the shop ASAP, but right now these Reggie pages need all of my time. Thanks for looking, and please feel free to contact me if you want anything not yet listed: jarrell (dot) sandy (at) gmail (dot) com, or just give me a shout over at Twitter. ALSO, please pick up Reggie and Me 1, out December 7th. And pre-order issue 2! Thanks :) Reggie and Me 1 Colors by Kelly Fitzpatrick Reggie and Me 2 Background by Bob Bolling Colors by Kelly Fitzpatrick

Hey, welcome to Funnybookin', where is parked

There's reasonably up-to-date tabs that lead to portfolio, shop, Twitter and Tumblrs, please dig around up there- tabs aren't visible on mobile site, but they are accessible. I've just updated the Buy Comics! page, and one day I'll post more pages in my store. In the meantime, if there's a page you hanker, please let me know. Besides a *secret* Archie thing I'm working on, I did a few chapters of DC Bombshells this summer (49, 51, 57) and these two variant covers for Marvel: Patsy Walker, Hellcat 11 Deadpool V Gambit 4

Buy Comics! tab, updated

It's current! I'll add Black Canary 12 and Bombshells 15 (chapter 48) as soon as they're things.

Black Canary 8, and new original art listings

I've drawn an issue of Black Canary! It was (mostly) done fast: the final 15  pages were done in 17 days. It's out February 10, print and digital. Here's a B&W page: I've also listed a bunch of DC Bombshells pages in my shop, click the menu tab to go look. I'll have the Canary pages up as soon as the comic's in shops.