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Just solicited! Batman '66  #21 by Parker and me, behind this sweeeeet Allred cover. Digital first issues 54 and 55, starting 2/18/15, print's out March 25th.
BATMAN ’66 #21 Written by JEFF PARKER Art by SANDY JARRELL Cover by MICHAEL ALLRED There’s a new villain in town and even Batman’s rogues gallery trembles at his name: Lord Death Man! Soon, the Dynamic Duo are jetting off to Japan to track him down. The classic villain from the 1960s Batman comics and manga gets the BATMAN ’66 treatment. Don’t miss this landmark moment in Bat-history!

Captain Marvel's Blindness

from Marvel Family  #24, June 1948. 

Wonder Woman!


Inktober 2014, DONE

I started with Hugo Strange and the Scarecrow before camping out in Doctor Fate territory, but didn't stay there *quite* forever. My initial idea was to do creepier golden age villains, but it became characters that have some sort of horror/occult aspect. (And now I'm done! Ended with two heroes, but there's tons of obscure and not so obscure bad guys along the way. Also, I should note: lots of these are cover versions of actual golden age art, others not. Sue me :)
All inked with Pentel Pocket Brush (with a few deviations) in a Moleskine 3.5 x 5.5" notebook.

I'll eventually post them all over here, cleaned up a bit:

FLASH GORDON 5 part 1 pencils

Here's my layouts for Flash Gordon 5 pages 1-12, to give an idea what Richard Case had to work with. We had 2 weeks to turn the job around, from thumbnails to colors, so we were moving pretty fast. Rich did an amazing job, go buy the book and compare!