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Bombshells chapter 23

Kelly Fitzpatrick wrapped colors on our latest DC Bombshells chapter last night. It'll be in issue 8, out early January, and the digital release is on Christmas day!

Hello, Sailors!

From this week's DC Bombshells, drawn by me, colors by Kelly Fitzpatrick! Script by Marguerite Bennett. It's chapter 16, and available to download Saturday 11/7.

Mort Meskin's Vigilante! Action Comics theater giveaway, 1947.

Inks by George Roussos.

Black Canary

I recently drew 4 pages FAST for Black Canary 5, here's a peek:

Olive and Maps


Black Canary, in color


The Shop

I've recently set up a Square market shop, there's a tab above. There are also things for sale that aren't listed- if anyone hankers a Jungle Jim page, most of issues 1-3 are available, just ask me: jarrell(dot)sandy(at) gmail. A bunch of my recent 9 x 12" sketches (like these!) are available, along with pages and prints. I'll be at Lyn Anderson's Raleigh Comic Book Show on Sunday 8/23, then at Rose City in PDX September 19/20- I'm open for pre-commissions, and any shop items can be picked up at shows.

Johnny Quick, "The Mystery of the Missing Fat Man!"

Mort Meskin, from More Fun Comics 91,  May-June 1943.

Batman '66 #21 (chapters 54 & 55)- Lord Death Man/Batgirl art for sale

Note, 7/30/2015: All of these are now available via the "Shop" tab above, but contact me directly if you're curious about quantity discounts/combined shipping. Thanks!
Here's the originals from Lord Death Man '66, featuring the mighty Batgirl and a bit of Penguin and the Boy Wonder. Some of the pages will come with an extra sheet of digital extra content (rarely exciting/presentable, but kinda fun), some of that hasn't survived- I'll note where I have it. Page 1 is a weird one, with background on a separate page, the rest are complete things. Price below each page, please email whamcomics at gmail dot com with wants. Priority post $15 in US, I'll quote international. Thanks, hope you see something you like!



$300 There's an extra sheet of pre-bump Robins.

$375 Extra sheet with high-contrast Batgirl.

$375 SOLD
$375 SOLD
$300 Extra sheet with rolling boulder, and another go at the page with the panel 3 used in book.
$400 ON HOLD Extra sh…