The Batman: The Golden Age cover that wasn't

In May 2019, I was assigned (way in advance!) the BTGA Vol 7 cover, an absolute dream gig- I love Jerry Robinson and Dick Sprang both SO much that the hardest part was deciding which story to cover- but Sprang's bonkers "The Year 3,000" from Batman 26 ended up being the undeniable choice. The story features (spoilers!) a descendant of Batman fighting EVIL ROBOTS IN SPACE.

Months after I turned the job in, my editor (the awesome Alex Galer) left DC, the collected edition folks started using vintage art on the covers, and... this'll never see print. 

Anyway,  here's some process. Initial sketches were done in Procreate for iPad, final art on 13 x 19" Strathmore 500 w/ brush, nib and markers, with Photoshop color. 


Color rough


And as it would have printed, more or less. 


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