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Mort Meskin: Johnny Quick from More Fun Comics #92, 1943

"Hits, Runs and Errors!", starring Johnny Quick as an ENTIRE BASEBALL TEAM.  Don't try this at home, kids.  At least not without a magic formula.  Go science!  Go Johnny!  Go Mort!

Johnny Quick © DC

11 x 17 life-size Orion head

Biggest noggin I've ever drawn, except for maybe in my college Paint on Giant Paper days.  Happy 95th, Jack Kirby!


I saw a promo image from Fraction &  Allred's new FF book and had to draw Medusa.  There you go.

Wasteland #39 preview at CBR

Two pages are up at Comic Book Resources, by Antony Johnston & me, with a cover by Christopher Mitten.  It's out this Wednesday!

Father/Son/Daughter Sketch Challenge: Adventure Time

For the vacation Valerie colored a bonus Finn and Jake drawing by dad.  Three sketches this time!

Father/Son Sketch Challenge: Ben 10

A super-fast one done at dad's day job the other day:

35 years ago, NOW.

July 1-5 at the Philadelphia Sheraton.  Lucky kid me was there, but didn't get to meet Guest of Honor John Stanley, which still brings adult me down.  But a good time was had, and consequently, to me, July 4th = FUNNYBOOKS.  

Vigilante by Mort Meskin, Action #79

From December 1944, it's P.T. and the Chinatown Kid vs. the Fiddler and his trained Birds!

 Vig is © DC

Dr. Phineas H. Vandersteen

I'm a little rusty with the watercolor, but want to not be.  Here's Professor V at home.

Team Cul de Sac!

Raymond and I are both contributors to this super-swell book (put together by the mighty Chris Sparks), info about which can be found here.  Please go, read, and BUY THE BOOK!
Here's pics of Raymond reading the book  AND one of the page we share, which is an awesome father/son thing, I think.

Wasteland #39

Out August 8th: a funnybook drawn by me, with a cover by Christopher Mitten.  There's some not safe for kids language, so don't pick it up for junior.  If you have a comic shop in the neighborhood, tell 'em you'd like a copy before 6/27.  Here's a link to buy online at TFAW.

Kirby Avengers!

I love finding Kirby I've never seen before, and found this digging for something for my boy, since we only found two cool FCBD offerings (Adventure Time and Yo Gabba Gabba!)

Jack Kirby & Dan Adkins, Marvel Triple Action 29,1976


After a long break to draw an issue of Wasteland (#39, solicits next month, y'all), I'm back for page 51 of a thing I still can't much talk about.  But: pool party!

The Monkees, by Raymond

Raymond drew this months ago- I'm sure I posted it somewhere, but I can't find it on the blog, so here it is.  In 1969 I saw my first rock show (I was super-young, really!) and it was the immediately post-Tork Monkees.  My first fan letter to a famous person was to Davy Jones, and I got a lost forever signed 8x10 in the mail.  So of course I've shared my childhood enthusiasm with my kids, who are always down with some accessible pop. Mr. Jones is the maraca wielding tiny person in the background above, and despite his lack of prominence, my almost 9 year-old boy cried tonight when I let him know that Davy had died.  And Valerie sang along with I Wanna Be Free, to cheer him.  
Then she danced like a maniac to Valleri.  Rock on, Mr. Jones.  My kids love you.

Postcard to Toth

A copy of a card I sent to Alex Toth a decade or so ago.  I still like the drawing, and that doesn't happen often.

  The American Spirit © Jarrell & Sumner

Jack Kirby & John Severin: Find Fury or Die!

A reprint of Severin's triumphant return to Marvel in the 60s, working over Kirby layouts.  I'm sure I could have found a more fitting, all-Severin tribute to post, but this was handy. And BADASS.  
John Severin, 1921-2012.