The Monkees, by Raymond

Raymond drew this months ago- I'm sure I posted it somewhere, but I can't find it on the blog, so here it is.  In 1969 I saw my first rock show (I was super-young, really!) and it was the immediately post-Tork Monkees.  My first fan letter to a famous person was to Davy Jones, and I got a lost forever signed 8x10 in the mail.  So of course I've shared my childhood enthusiasm with my kids, who are always down with some accessible pop.
Mr. Jones is the maraca wielding tiny person in the background above, and despite his lack of prominence, my almost 9 year-old boy cried tonight when I let him know that Davy had died.  And Valerie sang along with I Wanna Be Free, to cheer him.  

Then she danced like a maniac to Valleri.  Rock on, Mr. Jones.  My kids love you.


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