Bombshells United 6/DC Super Spec 6/All Star Comics 16

The coolest thing I did in 2017 was this Bombshells United cover. It's my first for DC (I drew a Harley/Ivy/Betty/Veronica cover first, but it was published after, AND was obvs also an Archie co-production, so) and it was a pretty fun way to start.
When I was really young I bought a used copy of the 100 page World's Greatest Super-Heroes one, that's a scan of my actual copy, above. The cover wraps around- there's more folks on the back- and I was knocked out by it. I got it the weekend I met Kirby, who, incidentally, hated it. He was appalled that every hero was just standing there, when they could be busy doing something kinetic. Which I get, but still- it's an iconic thing based on another iconic thing, and I GOT TO DO ANOTHER THING BASED ON THEM BOTH. For the same publisher. For money.

And that's the coolest thing.

Colors on mine by Kelly Fitzpatrick, DC 100 page Super Spectacular 6 cover drawn by Neal Adams (1971), All Star Comics 16 (1943) by Frank Harry.


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